The Lily Pad

Glenn Irwin
Sean van der Velden (in collaboration)
Anna Gilby
Patrick Rodriguez
2012 Shortlist for the Australian Interior Design Awards

It’s not often that the luxury of space in an inner city location presents itself so generously, but the Lily Pad is just that: one big open pad. In collaboration with Sean Van Der Velden, this project is not unlike an underwater fairytale where princes and princesses reside in cool blue and green waters, only occasionally to surface and rest on the edge of its lofty link with the city skyline.

‘As you cast around your gaze at this open plan you can’t help but feel this is a special place like no other.’

With the lofty warehouse history as the underlying framework, every highly crafted detail is given a jewel-like richness that paints a timeless and exotic architectural landscape.

‘It was great to have Loop 8 on board. We set them a tough brief and expected the process to be  difficult, however their adaptability and execution of ideas was impressive. In fact, we already have  them engaged on our next project.’