The Bongalow

Glenn Irwin
Patrick Rodriguez

‘We need to create the great escape clause.’

As the kids were getting bigger, a teenage hideout was called for to keep domestic bliss in check. Dad longed for his man shed where solitary sanity can be restored. Mum was just glad that they’re all out of the house for a time.

With reflections of Brighton beach houses, the Bongalow is like the backyard holiday getaway. Colourful and compact, the Bongalow is the hybrid of weekend getaways, cubbyhouses and backyard sheds.

‘We were reassured by the way Loop 8 listened to our needs and took the time to understand the way in which we lived.

Their reliable and honest professionalism made the whole experience enjoyable and less daunting than we were expecting.

We enjoyed their creative talent and skill and we love our new home.’

The Nagzarro's