Camper House

Glenn Irwin
Jeffrey Yeung
Anna Gilby
Loop 8
Erica Lauthier
Featured in Design Files Jan 2013

With its layers of history still evident, the Seddon House project was an invitation to add the next chapter in the story of user needs.

‘There is nothing about this site that is spacious, but as a family we need to grow.’

The challenge was to maximise both actual space and the sense of space. The response was to open the living spaces by extending the ground plane into the outdoors, at the same time as extending the eyeline via a series of varied treatments of views to sky and city skylines. All whilst maintaining privacy from the street beyond the boundary walls.

In the modernist fashion, the crafted timber box gives the impression of hovering on a layer of glass. The panoramic projection of wrap-around windows extend the boundaries of the compact caravan-like scale of the building and remind us in its elements of a lifestyle on holiday.

Scale, colours and textures breathe new life into the house and help create a new family chapter. certainly is a genius use of space – this home unfolds to reveal clever cabinetry and space-saving details in every nook, and whilst the internal spaces are small, the layout is so carefully considered and the ‘flow’ of the home so effortless – efficient design as its best!

The DesignFiles Daily, January 2013