Tangram Terrace

Clifton Hill
Glenn Irwin, Anna Gilby
Erica Lauthier

The biggest challenge of extending the terrace is unloading the shotgun template to enjoy the freedoms of open living, light and comfort.

'We treated the template not unlike a tangram puzzle.'

Re-arranging a set of spaces to create new outcomes in the plan also became a decorative device.

Unlike the existing facade, the side lane was viewed as an advantage for light and character. Seperate living spaces extend the freedoms of a growing family and changing living patterns. The backyard is engaged and extending living space once more.

The form is repeated internally to frame spaces and express the section.     

'A density of pattern and texture is a way of individualising space. They're subtle details that hold the project together. Lines generate the framing of the spaces.'

"Loop8 stepped outside the square with their design. It never occurred to us what was possible, but we saw it made sense.''

Nadine Bissland


"An innovative extension that gets around Victorian restraints"

The Age